A Blog is Born for Wood Interiors

In life there are many new and different things. Some are big some are small, some are EVENTS, and some are just happenings. Some have little impact, and some make waves that ripple out continuously over the course of our lives.

So today is something new. A blog is born for Wood Interiors. If it is an event or just another happening remains to be seen.

You may ask what could a woodworker possibly have to say in a blog that would be of interest to anyone else? (I may wonder the same at times) We will discuss current projects like this kitchen we are installing later today.

Wood Interiors Loman

As well as trends in the industry, such as suspended vanities and other small cabinets.


New products, (this is a really cool slide out with integrated soft close)

upcoming events and so on.

There are currently about 6 project in various stages of completion right now. I’m starting an install today on a very nice Rustic Hickory kitchen here in Loman and then tomorrow I will be going to International Falls to finish an install that we got stalled on last week. I also have a bathroom vanity with a laminate top and undermount sink almost ready to install. I’m just waiting for the bathroom remodel to be finished so I can get that one done. And then there is a pine cabinet with an undermount stainless sink that goes out to an island on Rainy Lake but that will have to wait until the ice goes out. And of course there are always a few things on my someday list that I want to build just for fun, but they never seem to get done. Well that‘s enough for today.

Have a great day


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“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

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