“Light It Up” – Cabinet Lighting Available at Wood Interiors

I’ll admit it. I was opposed to under cabinet lighting. What? Really? Me who likes features and options, suggested not putting in lights? That’s right, but I had a reason. The old way of doing it was with fluorescent lights. They don’t fit real well, sometimes you can actually see the fixture, they often have an inconvenient switch, and they flicker on the counter top and give people headaches. Horrors. Or you could try to use a rope light that hangs down where it doesn’t belong and has to have an unsightly cord running to a plugin somewhere, and after all that, it doesn’t make much light. That’s even worse than the first option. That being said light is a great option. Who doesn’t want more lights?

LED. Those three letters changed the lighting industry. We now have extremely small, dimmable lights that make a constant light with out flicker. They are so small we can incorporate them into and under cabinets. Inside glass doors to show off your glass ware, or inside any cabinet just so you can see. Door switches make it even better so they turn on when you open the door. We can put them under lower cabinets to create accent lighting along the floor line, or over the cabinets to highlight display items you have above the cabinets.

And those poor switch options? Not anymore. Low voltage switches can be installed right on or in the cabinets. Remote control switches are also an option or we can wire in a regular switch on the wall and hook the lights into them. And as I said before, door switches are available to turn on your lights one cabinet at a time.

So I’ve changed. Now I promote lighting. YES put in under cabinet lighting! In the pantry? No problem. Under that cabinet? Sure. In the china display cabinet? Of course. We can do it right here in the shop integrating it into the cabinets so when they are in place you never see them. But the results are incredible. Clean, streamlined lighting. Who doesn’t like that?

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