“Light It Up” – Cabinet Lighting Available at Wood Interiors

I’ll admit it. I was opposed to under cabinet lighting. What? Really? Me who likes features and options, suggested not putting in lights? That’s right, but I had a reason. The old way of doing it was with fluorescent lights. They don’t fit real well, sometimes you can actually see […]

Roll It Out

What do you call someone who is organizationally challenged? Oh yeah, a mess. I definitely have benefited from remodeling my kitchen to all drawers and roll-outs in my bottom cabinets. No longer do I have the deep, dark corners where stray pot lids and dusty odd bits of kitchen clutter […]

Custom Cabinets Baudette, MN

Clear maple medicine cabinet to match vanity

Custom Bathroom Vanities

Some are tall, some are short, some have matching medicine cabinets. Some have one sink, some have two. (I’d better stop with that, because it’s starting to sound like Dr. Seuss.) Bathroom vanities are not created equal. We do a wide variety of custom bathroom cabinets. Recently we got called […]

To Knob or Not to Knob

“Should I put on handles or knobs?” That is a question I hear on a regular basis. So let’s see if I can come up with some answers. First of all, yes. You want to use some form of hardware on cabinet work. Some shops put a built-in finger pull […]

cabinet knob displays

Granite Counters International Falls MN

Granite vs. Laminate

It seems these days everyone is talking about Granite. It seems just a few years ago granite was only used in super high dollar homes, where as now it is far more common. And there is a good reason. Granite (and quarts products) is a superior product. After all is not […]

Why Custom Cabinets?

As a customer you can buy cabinets at many places.  Local lumber yards, big box home improvement stores, cabinet outlets, and then there’s this thing called the “custom cabinet shop”.  So what is the difference?  Isn’t it easier to just walk in and get something off the shelf and go?  […]

Custom Cabinets MN

More Than A Custom Box

You will usually find me out in my shop building custom kitchen cabinets, custom furniture and more for clients from International Falls, to Lake of the Woods, Roseau, Rainer, Warroad and the surrounding northern border.  Not only do I build custom cabinetry, I also do fun projects for companies across the country. Here is [...]
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