Custom Bathroom Vanities

Some are tall, some are short, some have matching medicine cabinets. Some have one sink, some have two. (I’d better stop with that, because it’s starting to sound like Dr. Seuss.)

Bathroom vanities are not created equal. We do a wide variety of custom bathroom cabinets. Recently we got called into a consultation for a bathroom that had to be remodeled to become handicap-accessible. The new wider door was going to hit their existing cabinet. Not a problem, we made that side a little narrower and it worked perfectly, as well as giving some texture to the finished project. We also built it a little shorter to accommodate the height of the customer. And while we were doing that we built a matching medicine cabinet.

Red oak vanity and medicine cabinetRed oak medicine cabinet detail closeup

Speaking of shorter. Typical big box store vanities are built at a 32″ countertop height. While that is ok for some, it is a long ways down to the counter for most people. Quite often we build them at a kitchen-counter height. Maybe it’s just me but I would rather lean down than bend double when brushing my teeth.

Sometimes custom means a certain color. Often someone will bring me a piece of trim they used in the house and say, “Make it that color.” Why would you take an off-the-shelf stain and almost get close rather than get a custom-matched stain that will fit in with the rest of the house? Or maybe the color you want isn’t a stain but a paint color.

Custom clear maple medicine cabinet to match vanity International FallsClear maple medicine cabinet to match vanity

We can match almost any color if we have a paint name and brand. We simply forward that to our lacquer genius and he makes a lacquer of that color.

Or maybe you have an odd-shaped bathroom. In the vanity featured below, the corner is not a 90-degree angle, so we had to make a cabinet that would fit that unusual angle. We made not only the cabinet but also a seamless Bianco, Romano, bevel-edge countertop, and a matching medicine cabinet. This vanity is short to accommodate the tall vessel sink surface mounted on the counter top. It is backed with a custom, glass tile backsplash that adds a warm feel to the cabinets.

Custom red oak vanity, unlightedCustom red oak vanity, lighted to show detailCustom red oak vanity remodel in corner

So if you are thinking about a bathroom remodel or just upgrading your vanity, give us a call and we can come up with a style, color, and height that works right for you.

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