Why Custom Cabinets?

As a customer you can buy cabinets at many places.  Local lumber yards, big box home improvement stores, cabinet outlets, and then there’s this thing called the “custom cabinet shop”.  So what is the difference?  Isn’t it easier to just walk in and get something off the shelf and go?  Well let’s looks at it a little and see what actually works better.

The custom experience is completely different from a retail.  With Wood Interiors you will have the ability to design things just how you want them.  Not so with an off the shelf kitchen.  Maybe your kitchen is 173 ½” long?  If you go to a retail outlet you will buy an assortment of pre-determined sizes.  When you get as close as you can you then buy fillers and blank pieces to make up the difference.  While this might work, you end up with weird spaces between the doors and wasted space.  With custom we have no such problems.   We need 31-7/16” to fill a space?  No problem we just make the cabinet that size.  The Custom difference is we are building to fit YOUR needs,  the retail experience is you adjusting your needs to what is convenient for the cabinet shop.  And no one wants that.

Custom Cabinets MN

Or maybe you have a perfectly sized house and off the shelf will work just right?  I recently modified a few cabinets for a customer.  They looked good on the surface but when I touched them with my tools they soon showed their true colors.  Poor quality materials.  Is there a difference?  Absolutely.    We use ¾” veneer core plywood for all our cabinet sides, tops, and bottoms.  Veneer core is much more stable and structurally sound than the ever popular particle board or MDF that is so popular today.  So why is particle board so popular?  It’s cheaper, and somewhat easier to work with for the cabinet shop.   But the end result is you end up with a   lower quality kitchen.  Why? Because it put money in their pocket.  Who wants that?

Custom Cabinets MN

Color.  One of the hardest decisions for some people.  Yes, it is easier if you can just pick one of the 4 available and go with it.  But we have the ability to produce a set of cabinets that work perfectly in your color scheme.  We have made stain to match a little knickknack someone had hanging on their wall, we have matched a piece of trim someone liked.  Yes, it’s a decision to make.  But the end result is you get what works for you, instead of what the cabinet shop was able to buy at a discount price.

And lastly, you get to decide.  We will come and sit with you, and go over your ideas and preferences.  Some are taller and want a higher counter, or shorter and want a shorter counter.  Some like drawers, some don’t. Some hate Lazy Susan’s, some love them.  Some want rustic, some classic, some just something unusual.  We will sit with you and spend as much time as necessary to design something that you will love and find useful for years to come.

So why custom?  Because we can make a better fit, better color, better quality, and you get to decide.  What’s not to like about that?

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